Fox hunting is the tip of the iceberg


foxGiven the likelihood of the Conservative Government allowing a free vote to repeal the fox hunting ban, as expected there are numerous Tweets, Facebook posts and online petitions.

The thought of anyone wishing to hunt a fox with hounds, to see it torn to pieces by the pack and call it a sport turns my stomach. I just can’t comprehend the mind of anyone who thinks like that.

This clamour to keep the fox hunting ban also demonstrates the double standards that many people are happy to maintain.

Let’s get this out of the way right now.

I am a vegan.

Yes, I munch lentils.

No, I don’t have any sandals, but must declare the wearing flip-flops from time to time.

How many people have been upset about issues like the consumption of cats and dogs in China, dog fighting, the addition of horse meat into beef products?

How many of these people who were upset subsequently went home and ate a steak, burger, piece of chicken or pork?

Let’s take the egg industry. When born, male chicks are not normally wanted – they are unproductive and won’t lay eggs. So what happens to new born male chicks?


Several methods can be used to kill chicks:

  • Maceration, using a large high-speed grinder into which the live chicks are fed.
  • Gases or gas mixtures, often carbon dioxide is used to induce unconsciousness and then death.
  • Cervical dislocation (breaking the neck)
  • Electrocution, a new method that has been touted as being cheap, reliable, and humane by its developers
  • Suffocation in plastic bags

Maceration ensures the chick is killed within 1 sec if performed effectively and competently. This method is considered more humane than gassing the chicks with high concentrations of carbon dioxide. Gassing results in gasping and head shaking, and can take up to two minutes for the chick to die.

Source: Wikipedia [1]


Every year in UK, approximately 30 million day old chicks are killed [2]. Here is some footage from 2010:


If you feel a touch queasy  about that fried egg, at least you can take solace in your cup of tea with milk?

Here’s the story of a dairy cow:


The whole relationship people have regarding how they feel about their pets and the animals they like vs the food they eat demonstrates cognitive dissonance. This following video discusses a range of issues that our food chain creates:


Milan Kundera said:

“Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.”


This is right. Humans have been given the power to do ill, or to do good. We can make choices that reduces suffering, or accept the suffering with a callous awareness or blind ignorance.


When you look at your pet dog or cat, look into it’s eyes. Would you really wish any other animal to be treated differently because of a preference of taste in your mouth?



Peace be with you.




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